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SP Enterprises, Inc. is a family affair and was founded in the spring of 1988 by brothers Sam and Alan Popowcer. We started wholesaling sunglasses and novelties to the C-stores of Las Vegas. After amassing over 400 stores in the next two years we started selling to other distributors around the country. In 1993 we started developing and manufacturing our exclusive Espeez brand of candies. We then brought in both our father Bob and mother Arlene to help oversee the daily operations. With the added help SP Enterprises, Inc. grew to be a formidable young candy company. SP Enterprises became a leading manufacturer of kids' novelty candies including Viper Venom, Viper Vials, Viper Gum and Viper Blast. As our company continued to grow we needed to look at other avenues for success in the candy industry.


In 2003 SP Enterprises, Inc. hired family friend Fred Scharar to help in developing a fresh new approach to our candy line. SP Enterprises, Inc. began to really focus on its new path of old fashioned nostalgic candies. Using the incredible success of Gold Mine Gum as a catalyst we changed the whole image of the company from a novelty company to a more traditional candy company. All new products such as Rock Candy on a Stick, Tie Dye Cube Pops, Cube Pops, Cinna-Pix, Neapolitan Coconut Bars, Chocolate Bars and the incredibly popular jawbreakers on a stick, Paintball Pops, have really propelled the Espeez brand to the next level. Sold to major grocery, convenient store and specialty outlets throughout the country our traditional candies not only sell in the USA, but are shipped all over the world. SP Enterprises has developed a terrific variety of candies to appeal to all markets of retail. We pride ourselves in always having plenty of stock on hand and have a reputation as one of the quickest shippers in the industry. As a family owned and operated company we thank you for your patronage and we welcome you to the family!